What’s On Deck?

If you loved The Bamboo Garden you will definitely want to read Susan’s upcoming book Just the Ticket: An Adventure-by-the-Sea. Here’s an early-bird peek:

Chapter One excerpt, Just The Ticket

Capitola, California (Summer of 1924)

Twelve year-old Penelope Anne Beaumont (otherwise known as Poppy) and her sixteen year-old sister Cornelia have been sent to this California beach town to work in their uncle’s new photographic studio. Poppy is determined to make it a success. That’s her plan to earn enough money for a train ticket to Hollywood, which couldn’t be more important. There she will be reunited with her gravely ill mother and her father who is struggling to find work as a cameraman in the moving picture business. Just the Ticket is a riveting story for kids nine to twelve about friendship and perseverance—a story about discovering when one door closes, another opens. You just have to see it first.


Susan Austin, Author and Educator