Meet Susan Austin

Susan Austin

Susan Austin, Ph.D.

Susan Austin, Ph.D., author and educator, lives in Berkeley, California, the setting for The Bamboo Garden. Writing books about long ago gives her a creative outlet for exploring themes that matter—friendship, prejudice, and courage.

She grew up in Los Angeles, California where a wise and passionate poet, Ruth Le Prade, helped her explore these important ideas. Miss Le Prade lived a few doors away and would invite Susan and other neighborhood children to her home to listen to poetry about beauty and compassion. Every visit ended with a romp in her magical garden of exotic trees and flowering bushes planted by poets visiting from distant lands. In the far corner of her garden grew a towering grove of bamboo—Susan’s favorite place to play and dream.

Susan’s best writing ideas show up when she prunes her prickly rose bushes or combs Santa Cruz beaches for delicate pieces of colored sea glass. Currently, she is putting the finishing touches on her latest book—Just the Ticket: An Adventure-by-the-Sea.


Susan Austin, Author and Educator