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On this page you will find crafts activities based on some aspect of The Bamboo Garden. It will change every few months, so keep checking in.

Wind Chime Examples

Wind Chime Examples

Polly, Tori and their friend Jerry, main characters in The Bamboo Garden, spend many happy hours playing in the bamboo grove behind Polly’s house. As I imagined them there, I could almost hear the peaceful sound of wind chimes tinkling in the background. Wind chimes are also part of Tori’s story. She and her father plan to make bamboo wind chimes when their newly planted bamboo stalks grow big enough. So, let’s create our own wind chimes from things you can easily find around your house.

Directions for Creating Your Own Wind Chime

Step 1: Scavenger Hunt—Search for the following:

  • 3 to 6 old keys that your parents no longer need
  • An aluminum pie pan
  • One of the following: colorful yarn, narrow ribbon, twine or string
  • Hole punch
  • Large nail or skewer

Step 2: Create the Tripod or Three-String Hanger

  • Punch 3 holes around the rim of your aluminum pan, evenly spaced.
  • Thread 3 pieces of yarn about 18 inches long through each hole, and tie a knot at the end of each so it will not pull through. Gather the three stings together and tie them in a knot above the pie pan. Make sure that the pie pan is hanging upside down.

Step 3: Hanging the Keys

  • Punch more holes in the center of your pie pan with a nail or skewer, one for each key you found.
  • Tie each key to a single string or piece of yarn.
  • Thread the string through the hole, knotting the end so it won’t slip through. You may have to make several knots so it is big enough.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Work

  • Hang this wind chime in a place sure to catch a breeze and enjoy the most beautiful sound a key has ever made!
  • The wind chimes in the photo below were made two different ways: one with old keys and one with paper clips. Maybe you can find some other objects around the house that would make a nice sound in the garden.