Susan Austin

Susan Austin - The Bamboo Garden

Song Tree Books is pleased to announce a new book by author/educator Susan Austin—The Bamboo Garden. Her novel fills an important need in children’s literature by:

  • Capturing the everyday life of a historical period (1920s) not often the subject of children’s literature
  • Focusing attention on the anti-Japanese prejudice of this period
  • Helping young readers explore the challenges of building friendships
  • Creating appealing, yet realistic, characters

It is no surprise that Susan Austin has crafted such a book. With advanced degrees in social studies and multicultural education she writes with insight and authority. Although children are her primary audience, teachers and parents will value a book tied to important social issues that also tells a gripping story filled with excitement and compelling characters.

The amazing cover art by Felicia Hoshino captures so much about The Bamboo Garden –  the feel of the times and the nature of friendship. Click for a link to Felicia’s web site and a view of more of her stunning work.

We invite you to explore this site to become acquainted with Susan Austin and her latest book.


Susan Austin, Author and Educator